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FMCG Product Merchant Wholesaler, online retailer throughout Malaysia

BulkDeals Sdn. Bhd. is a FMCG Product Merchant Wholesaler, operating as an online retailer for consumers throughout Malaysia, We mainly supply goods to Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Factory, and School, having a warehouse and head office situated in the heart of Penang. The company is well established and organized to receive orders at a wholesale rate. Since officially operating in 1st October 2019, the Company provides end users a shopping access to a variety range of FMCG products with wholesale rates.

BulkDeals’s online platform is specialized in giving a good shopping experiences, whether you are getting groceries or culinary tools for your F&B businesses. BulkDeals revolutionized the way you shop through ordering via smart phones, and gives you the convenient way for F&B businesses to be present in online platforms by providing technology resources, and connecting the rural area occupants such as farmers, traders and vendors that are prior linked to F&B.

We believe in creating this platform, F&B businesses would greatly benefit from the online distribution and supply chain channel, which would help in reducing time and money needed for purchases on groceries or culinary tools items.

Our Goals & Visionary

We strive to deliver a variety of products for consumers, where one-stop has it all.
We offer reasonable prices to consumers.
We provide the best attentive customer services.
We only bring you convenience for your shopping experiences.

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